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AMERISAFE understands claims management is important to employers, staff and everyone involved in an accident. Our claims operation is streamlined to provide quick and personalized assistance. The AMERISAFE claims reporting and assistance systems allow us to intervene early and assign Field Case Managers to claims immediately. Case Managers help employees work through medical treatment, rehabilitation, recovery and their return to work.

Workers' Compensation Claims Reporting

Toll-free accident reporting system: 800.699.6240

Personal service is where AMERISAFE stands out among other providers. As an AMERISAFE policyholder, you’ll have access to:

  • Claims Reporting: AMERISAFE’s claims reporting system allows you to report claims by phone 24/7. The accident reporting system is essential in providing immediate notification of accidents. The sooner we know of injuries the quicker we can begin to work with the injured worker and their family to assure quality medical treatment is provided.
  • Field Case Managers: We assign claims to local resident Field Case Managers in order to provide injured workers the face-to-face guidance they deserve. Our Field Case Managers are supported by staff Nurse Case Managers and other resources as required to allow them to be dedicated to the needs of the injured workers.
  • Fast Track: If an injury appears to be relatively minor (with less than six weeks of estimated lost time), Fast Track Case Managers will work with the employer, injured worker, and medical providers to quickly handle the claim.
  • Managed Care: We work with medical professionals to ensure employees receive timely, quality care. We pursue the use of physicians who utilize best practices. Our goal is to assist the injured worker in returning to work as quickly as possible.  We continuously work to expand and update our networks of physicians and specialty providers that can deliver the best outcomes for the injured employee.
  • Provider Electronic Billing:  AMERISAFE companies utilize a clearinghouse to process e-bill transactions. Click here for more clearinghouse information.