Report A Claim

Our toll-free accident reporting system, 800-699-6240, is essential in providing immediate notification of accidents. We will ask you questions and prepare the claim report for you. The sooner we know of injuries the quicker we can begin to work with the injured worker and their family to assure that quality medical treatment is provided. Due to the diversity of the American workforce, we have the ability to receive injury reports in many languages. AMERISAFE Workers' Comp claims are handled professionally and quickly.

AMERISAFE acknowledges that employers need alternative ways to report losses.  To accommodate our clients, we have provided a 24/7 on-line reporting service.  


Report A Claim:
Toll Free: 800-699-6240
Fax: 337-463-8728

General Claims Information:
Toll Free: 800-256-3462
Fax: 337-460-3343