Audit Services 

AMERISAFE Workers' Comp policies are written on a Direct Bill basis, and all payments are made directly to AMERISAFE. We understand the fluctuations in payrolls due to peaks and valleys in your client's business cycle and have adopted Monthly Reporting as the primary method of payment. With monthly reporting, your client will pay the actual premium based on the payroll for the month. Annual payments are also available should that better suit your client's needs.

Premium Payment Options

  • Online Payments
  • Check-By-Phone
  • By Mail
How to Submit an Application to Underwriting
A completed submission must include:

Complete ACORD application

Expiring & 3-year current value, hard copy Loss Runs

Current Mod Worksheet or expiring and 3-year historical payrolls by class code

Narrative Description of the account

You may send submissions to AMERISAFE in the following ways:

Submit Online Using GEAUX

*If you are not set up as a GEAUX agent and are interested in becoming one please contact your marketing associate at 800-897-9719.

By Email:

By Fax: 888-331-8870