Q.  What is GEAUX?
A.   GEAUX is AMERISAFE's online system that changes the submission and quoting processes to an interactive, transparent experience between our Underwriters and our Agents. This dynamic and innovative web-based program allows users to submit new and renewal business, check on current accounts, engage in Live Chat with AMERISAFE staff, and receive updates throughout the underwriting process. 
Q.  Will GEAUX allow me to instantly quote an account online?  
A.  Due to the nature of AMERISAFE's risk appetite, we do not quote accounts online. GEAUX is simply the fastest, most effective way to submit and communicate with AMERISAFE staff. 
Q.   How do I sign up for GEAUX? 
A.  Contact your Marketing Associate today!  
Q.   If my email address changes, do I need a new GEAUX login?
A.  No, but your agency administrator will need to update your email account in GEAUX. For information, contact your Marketing Associate 
Q.   What do I do if I forget my password? 
A.  After entering your User Name, click Forgot Password. A new password will be sent to you via the email address entered for you by your agency administrator.
Q.   How do I submit an application through GEAUX?
A.  With GEAUX, you can upload submissions from your approved agency management system, upload PDF Acord applications via the AppReader, or you can manually enter the submission. 
Q.  Can I print the necessary Supplemental applications for my submission? 
A.  Yes you will need to complete the following steps.
1. Go to the Overview screen.
2. Go to "I want to..."
3. Click "Print Submission"
4. Check "Application Forms"
5. Click "Print" 
Q.   Will I receive paper copies of my policies?  
A.  Once the submission is received and quoted, you can review and print your quote online. A copy will also be mailed to you as well as to the insured.  
Q.   Can I get into an account in GEAUX if the account has modifications pending?  
A.  Yes, however, you will not be able to make any changes to the modified application until your Underwriter acknowledges the modifications. 
Q.   Why do changes need to be submitted prior to requesting to bind the account? 
A.  Underwriting asks that the agent submit changes before requesting to bind coverage. If the submission has changes and you bind before requesting the changes, the policy will be issued without reflecting these changes. Binding the submission locks the submission on the underwriting side. Any changes made after requesting to bind will have to be done by endorsement. 
Q.   How do I make changes to my submission?  
A.  If changes are needed prior to or at binding, you can make these changes by clicking Modify Submission. After changes are made, you must review these changes by clicking the Submissions Modifications button. Once you have reviewed these changes, click Submit to complete this process.  
Q.   How long should it take the underwriter to acknowledge any changes that I make to my submission? 
A.  Your Underwriter should take no longer than 1 full business day to acknowledge your changes. After this is completed, the Request to Bind function can be completed on the agent side without additional endorsements needed.
Q.   What if I have a timing issue? (i.e., it is 4:50 p.m. and you need to bind an account for 12:01 a.m. that night for the next day.)
A.  In this case, you will need to attach a note when you "Modify Submission" that you would like to bind coverage once the changes are acknowledged.  
Q.  What if the Underwriter working that submission is out that day? 
A.  Currently there is no way in GEAUX for an Underwriter to indicate to an agent that she or he is out that day. For this reason, we ask that you allow one business day for changes to be acknowledged. If the changes need to be made sooner than one business day, you will need to utilize the chat feature or call and speak to someone else in Underwriting.