How to Become an Insured

Please complete our Lead Questionnaire so we may determine the best route to assist you with your Workers' Comp insurance needs. Once you have completed the Lead Questionnaire, please click the submit button. 

Once we have reviewed your questionnaire we will locate one of our contracted agencies in your area to begin working your account.*  For more information, please call 800-897-9719.

*Please note that a satisfactory questionnaire and/or agency placement does not guarantee that AMERISAFE will be able to quote your account.



We offer Monthly Reporting that matches your premium to your business activity. This may allow lower premiums for the months where you and your employees are unable to work. We want to help you save money on your Workers' Comp insurance.

Our Field Safety professionals live and work where you are. They are also trained and familiar with OSHA requirements and regulations. They know your business because tough industries are what we do!

Our lost-time claims adjusters are located in the geographic areas where you, our policyholders, are based. We believe the presence of these claims professionals in the field enhances our ability to guide injured workers to the appropriate conclusion in a friendly, dignified, and supportive manner. We adjust claims the old fashioned way - face-to-face.

AMERISAFE offers policyholder training designed to ensure that every employer and employee approaches each job site as safely as possible. Coverage with AMERISAFE awards clients a substantial discount on's web-based training. This is a cost effective way to receive certificates that satisfy OSHA training standards. This training is available 24/7, which helps reduce expenses related to employee travel for training purposes.

With our wide variety of Payment Options, you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Click here for a full list of these options and descriptions.