AMERISAFE is a specialty provider of Workers' Comp Insurance focused on small to mid-sized employers in hazardous industries.  From our humble origins in 1986, we began providing Workers' Comp coverage to employers in the logging industry in a handful of states.  AMERISAFE has grown to focus on a wide range of hazardous occupations in more than 30 states.   We have demonstrated expertise in underwriting the complex Workers' Comp exposures inherent in our targeted industries: construction, trucking, agriculture, logging & wood products, oil & gas, maritime, aggregates, and manufacturing. 

We know hazardous industry employers face unique challenges and tend to have less, but more severe, claims compared to employers in other industries.  As a result, hazardous industry employers pay substantially higher than average rates for Workers' Comp Insurance.

Underwriting Expertise

We employ a proactive, disciplined approach in underwriting our policies.  Due to our specialization in hazardous industries, we understand the unique risks our clients face in the workplace.  That understanding aids us in providing comprehensive services that lessen the overall incidence and cost of workplace injuries. 

Safety Services

We provide safety services at employers' workplaces as a vital component of our underwriting process.  Our Field Safety Professionals visit our client's work sites to offer assistance in making the workplace safer.  As specialists in hazardous occupations, these safety professionals can offer unique insight into workplace safety that helps to lessen the overall incidence and cost of workplace injuries. 

Claims Management

Accidents occur in even the best-managed hazardous industry operation, and AMERISAFE is prepared for those circumstances.  We utilize intensive claims management practices that we believe permit us to reduce the overall cost of Workers' Compensation claims.  Our Field Case Managers carry low claims workloads to allow them to provide our insured employers and their injured workers with highly personalized service that facilitates prompt resolution of claims.

Financial Security

AMERISAFE is a financially secure company, rated "A"  (Excellent) by A. M. Best Company with a financial size category of IX.  We are a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ Exchange under the trading symbol "AMSF". 


Specialized underwriting knowledge of hazardous industries, extensive field services in workplace safety and intensive claims management, and financial soundness as demonstrated by our A. M. Best & Company rating of "A" (Excellent)  with our financial size category  IX make AMERISAFE the right choice for your Workers' Comp Insurance needs. 

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