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Knowing that even the safest employers may experience accidents, we have built a claims operation whose mission is the intensive, immediate and highly personal management of all claims. And the more severe the injury, the more personalized the claims service. We encourage immediate reporting of all accidents through our toll-free reporting and assistance system, which allows us the opportunity to provide immediate notification to our Field Case Managers and early intervention in accidents. Our Field Case Managers emphasize a personal, face-to-face approach in guiding injured workers through medical treatment, rehabilitation, return to work, and full recovery. We understand that expedient recovery and early return to work is the optimum outcome for all parties.

As an AMERISAFE policyholder, you can look forward to very personal services and policy features such as the following:

Claim Reporting
Our toll-free accident reporting system, 800-699-6240, is essential in providing immediate notification of accidents. We will ask you questions and prepare the claim report for you. The sooner we know of injuries the quicker we can begin to work with the injured worker and their family to assure that quality medical treatment is provided. Due to the diversity of the American workforce, we have the ability to receive injury reports in many languages.

AMERISAFE acknowledges that employers need alternative ways to report losses.  To accommodate our clients, we have provided a 24/7 on-line reporting service.  

Field Case Managers
Our face to face approach requires that our Field Case Managers live in proximity to your clients and injured workers. They have many years of experience and are supported by Nurse Case Managers and other resources so that their time may be dedicated to the needs of injured workers.

Fast Track
If it is apparent that an injury will be relatively minor, the claim will be managed by our Fast Track system. Fast Track Case Managers are in contact with the employer, the injured worker, and medical providers to coordinate expected recovery and return to work. Most of our minor claims are managed through this system and include those claims which have six weeks or less in lost time.

Managed Care
"Managed Care" means different things to different people. Our goal in working with medical providers is the achievement of timely quality care aimed at full recovery at the earliest possible time. Medical providers of all types are key partners in producing this result. We work with them so that they can better understand workers' injuries in relation to the physical requirements of their jobs so that the goal of return to work can be accomplished in a timely, well-planned manner. In severe injury cases, the Field Case Manager, and often a Nurse Case Manager, meets in person with medical providers to aid in development of an effective treatment and rehabilitation plan.  Further, we continuously update our available network of physicians to access the best providers possible.

Fraud Situations
We have been effective by understanding the dynamics of injured workers that go beyond medical treatment or even legitimate injuries. Much has been publicized about "fraudulent claimants" and their cost to employers and insurers. We believe the best detection of a possible fraud situation is a "personal" visit and understanding of an injured workers "psycho-social" makeup. Our Field Case Managers are very astute at ferreting out these situations. We approach each claim assuming that the injured worker has legitimate injuries, and we treat each client with the utmost sympathy and respect. However, we also understand the "psyche" of fraud and respond accordingly when it is detected.

Our successes have been built on the deep understanding that "change" is constant and unpredictable. Claims situations and demands exemplify the need to stay nimble and objective to produce best outcomes. We're good at it! For more information, contact our Claims Department at 800-256-9052 or e-mail us at

Provider Electronic Billing
AMERISAFE Risk Services utilizes a clearinghouse to process e-bill transactions.  Click here for more clearinghouse information.

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